Private DJ Lessons in Boulder

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Interested in learning to produce music working in Abelton? Contact me for information and rates.

Learn to dj from a skilled and experienced electronic musician in downtown Boulder, Colorado. Lessons with me will start with the very basics, or build upon your current competency, and will focus on evolving your skill set to become highly technical and creative. Sessions include theory, experimentation with dj tools, and time practicing dropping the beat.

You'll learn

The Basics of DJing

  • Understanding the dj mixer

  • Software navigation (Traktor, Serato, or Virtual DJ)

  • Counting music, bars and beats

  • Controllerism (Choosing a controller & understanding its functionality)

  • Learning and applying music mixing techniques

DJ Techniques

  • Cue-pointing music

  • Looping and looping concepts

  • Loop rolling

  • Dj efx's and application (hi-pass, low-pass, reverb, flanger, phaser, etc)

  • Triggering samples (designing personal triggers)

  • Turntablism, scratching and turntable techniques

Music Management

  • Making playlists

  • Creating a live set

  • Understanding styles and genres

  • Improvisation

Advanced DJ Techniques

  • Mixing on the fly

  • Custom midi mapping your controller

  • Recording and editing mixes

  • Playing to the crowd

Whether you want to just have fun or you seek to be on stage, DJ lessons with me will build your creativity, skills and confidence!


Each lesson is $45 for one hour. 5 lessons for $200.

No previous experience necessary. Children and teens are welcome!